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Study in USA

Since ages, USA has been the world’s most preferred study destination. USA’s excellent institutions possess top global university rankings, attracting students from across the world.

With over 5,500 universities and colleges based in the nation, the USA is home to a plethora of diverse programs.

USA is proud of its vibrant and multicultural society. The country has a brief history of welcoming people from diverse cultures, ethnicity and backgrounds.

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About USA

No. of international students Overall % of international students Most represented countries
1,095,299 5.5% China, India & South Korea


International Students have the option of three intakes for enrollment. Fall, Winter and Summer Intake and are sometimes called Semester respectively. USA’s intake for international students is described below:

Major Intakes in USA Month Duration Intake details
Fall Intake September September-December Primary Intake, most Universities and all major courses are on offer to international students
Winter Intake January January-May Secondary Intake, most of the courses are available for students who missed the opportunity in fall intake
Spring Intake May Only Few Courses Available

Degrees and Qualifications offered

Associate Degree

It is a 2-year program, equal to the first two years of a bachelor's degree, that are more job-focused and can be used to jumpstart a professional career

Bachelor’s Degree

It is a 4 year undergraduate courses including basic subjects as well as majors, minors and electives that create a solid foundation for a full-fledged professional career

Master’s Degree

Academic (Focused on PhD): Graduate programs specializing in STEM, humanities, and the arts are typically of 2 years in duration. With a solid foundation under their belts, students can go on to pursue a doctorate in their chosen field of study.

Professional (Focused on field): In order to assist students to succeed in a specific Profession, the professional master's degree programs last from one to three years depending on the discipline they chose.

MBA Degree

In US, 2 year MBA programs are available for people looking to move up the corporate ladder or start their own business. 1-year MBA program (Accelerated MBA) is also offered by several business schools

Doctorate/ PhD

Studying for a doctorate or obtaining a PhD requires students to work closely with a faculty adviser and complete a dissertation successfully. A PhD in the United States typically takes between five and eight years to finish

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