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Study in UK

UK has a renowned history of higher-education, and many of the world’s oldest universities. British universities are also renowned for their research projects and best in class facilities, giving best educational exposure.

UK offers most of its courses in English language. English is a key global language to global business and diplomacy, opening up great avenues in international career prospects.

UK has a very diverse and multicultural society.

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About UK

No. of international students Overall % of international students Most represented countries
496,570 20.9% China, USA & India


International Students have the option of mainly 2 intakes for enrollment. September/October Intake and January/ February Intake. April/May Intake is offered by very few universities for limited number of courses

Major Intakes in UK Month Duration Intake details
Autumn Intake September February-May Primary Intake, most Universities and all major courses are on offer to international students
January/February Intake January June-Sept Secondary Intake, most of the courses are available for students who missed the opportunity in fall intake
May Intake May Only Few Courses Available

Undergraduate’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for overseas undergraduate students due to the availability of a three-year bachelor's degree from UK universities.

Other than the three-year bachelor's degrees, the UK offers the following sorts of undergraduate courses:

Joint Degree

Such a degree allows students to take two distinct courses at once

Sandwich Degree Program

There are 3 years of coursework, followed by a year of work experience linked to the student's subject of study.

*Over and above UK offers many Short Undergraduate Courses.

Master’s Degree

Taught Master’s Degree Program

In the field of taught Master’s Degree program, there are four basic types: MA, MSc, MBA and ME, with each lasting 1-2 years.

Students must attend weekly seminars, tutorials, and lectures, and they are graded on the basis of examinations, dissertations, or projects.

Research Master's Degree Program

Students pursuing a Research Master's degree must adhere to a strict timetable, complete a thesis by the conclusion of the program, and work under the guidance of a faculty adviser throughout the program. Research degrees in the UK include the PhD, MSc (Master of Science), MPhil (Master of Philosophy), and MRes (Master of Research).

While institutions in the US and Canada need 16 years of study (equal to a 4-year bachelor's degree) for MBAs and Master's degrees, the UK only requires 15 years of education for these programs, which is comparable to a three-year bachelor's degree.

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