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Paramount Immigration is dedicated to helping students achieve their desire score in IELTS and ambition of studying abroad by offering first-rate services. Our Ahmedabad Centre is at Sindhu Bhavan Road is dedicated to offering the finest career guidance and support to those who wish to pursue a successful career abroad in the near future.

We provide one stop solution to students by helping them get into the university on their individual profiles.

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Reason for taking IELTS Exam

By taking the IELTS test, you will be putting your English skills to the test as though you were in a real-life situation with native English speakers.

The test is designed to evaluate several English language skills, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading, as well as a live conversation with an assessor to prepare you for real-life circumstances whether it's to communicate with international classmates at school, clients in work, or even on a trip overseas.

You will receive a test record that is recognized and approved by thousands of organizations worldwide, including employers, universities, professional bodies, and government agencies, if you take an IELTS test. Your English language abilities will improve.

Which One to choose CBT or paper based?

IELTS began offering students the option of taking the test on a computer rather than on paper about three years ago. Every day since then, we've received emails from students wondering, "Which one is easier?!?"

Every time, we respond the same way – neither!
That's correct; the questions on both the computer-based and paper-based tests are identical.

In reality, Cambridge and IELTS have released a number of study papers comparing computer-based exam outcomes to paper-based exam results.
When deciding between a computer-based or paper-based exam, the only question you should ask yourself is: Which one is best for me?

If student is more confident and is using laptop or computer on daily basis and has an average grip of writing and reading to the screen, then it is okay to take CBT test. But those who does not use PC daily, they might end up having slow speed while typing, few typo errors and difficulty in reading the screen for the content.

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