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Explore our PTE mock test before appearing to actual PTE exam. You will have option of AI based scoring too.

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PTE exam fees & reevaluation note

In India, the regular PTE Exam cost, including taxes, is now Rs. 13,700/-. If you wish to book and take the exam within 48 hours, you will be charged a 5% late fee on top of the regular rates. As a result, PTE late booking would cost approximately 14,385/-. You must pay the entire booking fee to retake the PTE exam.

After paying the PTE rescore costs, you can request a rescore. The PTE exam, on the other hand, is assessed by a machine using AI algorithms. As a consequence, unlike other human-scored exams, you should not expect any errors in your PTE score. If your scores change as a consequence of a rescore, PTE will reimburse your rescore fee.

Test takers who cancel their test appointment at least 14 calendar days before the test date receive a full refund of their PTE costs. They get a partial refund of 50% of their PTE costs if they cancel between the 13th and 8th complete calendar days. The booking fee is forfeited after that.

Before you apply for a Rescore, consider below facts:
  • It is expensive: Reevaluation costs candidate more than 6000 INR or 100$.
  • Pearson is quite unlikely to modify your score. In fact, your score is checked twice by AI assessor before publishing.
  • Technical difficulties, such as malfunctioning microphones, are quite uncommon. (Human mistake, such as exaggerated breathing, is far more prevalent and is not seen as a technological concern.)
  • Marks can be changed both up and down, and a score drop is more probable than an increase.
  • Your new score will take the place of your old one if it changes.
  • You can only have your most recent PTE Academic exam rescored. If you have already scheduled another exam or given your result to an institution, you will not be able to seek a rescore.
  • You must contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 calendar days of receiving your score report to request a PTE rescore.
  • The cost of rescores may be obtained from Customer Service. The rescore cost will be completely reimbursed in the unusual case that your Overall, Communicative Skills, or Enabling Skills scores change.

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