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Proper use of Reading question type “True, False or Not give”

Are you facing problem while answering reading question type “True, False or Not give”? Well, we are here to help you then. This article will explain in brief of how to answer the most difficult and challenging question type.

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So, lets get the seat belt ON!! Let’s identify the prompt first to understand what does “True, False or Not give” question type asks us to do. 

True / Yes: The text contains information that exactly matches the statement in the question. It's worth noting that you'll almost probably need to hunt for synonyms and match meaning rather than words here.

False / No: The text contains facts that directly contradicts or contradicts the assertion in the question. It's worth noting that you'll have to consider meaning here as well.

You should be aware of "little" terms that qualify or change meaning, such as some, all, frequently, and rarely.

Not Given: This is usually the one that creates the most trouble.

If there is no information in the text regarding something, it is not offered. You will squander time if you spend a long time hunting for Not Given solutions.

NOTE: Your answer will be marked as correct even if you put YES instead of TRUE or NO instead of FALSE.


What is the difference between “True, False or Not give” and “Yes, No and Not Given”?

“True, False or Not give” - It looks at the statement and search for information from the text itself

“Yes, No and Not Given” - It looks at the statement and claims writer’s opinion


Let me explain to you. Consider below example:

Young children breathe in more air in relation to their body weight than people in other age groups. This means that they breathe in more contaminants, so air pollution affects them more.

The body’s defense and lung systems are also not fully developed yet. Therefore, young children cannot easily fight off sicknesses that may result from air pollution.

Writer suggests the best possible solution to this is to use biochar to reduce the pollution in the world!

Question prompts to answer from “True, False or Not give”

  1. Young generation is more vulnerable to air quality degradation than old age people.
  2. Biochar is the proven technique to reduce air pollution.
  3. Adolescents are more immune to ailments that results from lower air quality inhalation.


  1. True: Clearly shows the fact from “Young children breathe in more air in relation to their body weight than people in other age groups. This means that they breathe in more contaminants, so air pollution affects them more.” 


more vulnerable = affects them more

Young generation = Young children

air quality degradation = air pollution

old age people = other age groups

  1. Not Given: Watch Out!! Here most students make mistake. Though its look like the information is true but see the word below that is not confirming statement’s validity.

Non disclosed Facts:

proven technique ??  possible solution

Here, again the fact is that even though the statement would have exact word “proven technique” it would be two different answers. Firstly, It is writer’s point only. So, when it comes to select from “Yes, No and Not give” you can select Yes. But if you would have to choose from “True, False and Not given” then you need to select Not given.


Published by Aakash Kadia

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